10.12. If an application is not eligible, we cannot recommend the application for assistance. 12.4. We must implement a grant agreement with you before we can make payments. We are not responsible for your project expenses until a grant agreement is concluded. You cannot start business until all agreements have been concluded with third parties. A9.1.1 The CRA manages the evaluation of proposals. The CRA may submit funding recommendations to the Minister based on a number of assessments or solely on the basis of its expertise. 5.4.

All funding decisions relating to the funding opportunity for interconnection projects are made by the Minister in accordance with the CRA Act. A12.6.2 If the CRA believes that a proposal is incomplete or inaccurate, contains false or misleading information, or contains misconduct, the CRA may decide at its discretion to recommend that the funding proposal not be approved. A6.4.6 Applicants are advised that programs under other funding rules may have different project limits. Applicants must determine whether the application or implementation of a project, in accordance with these funding rules, affects their suitability for other CRA funding programs. The CRA reserves the right to change project and proposal limits in future funding cycles. Funding rules for all CRA programs are available on the CRA website. 12.34. We must approve an amendment to be a valid part of the grant agreement. We will consider your request based on factors such as 14.1. We monitor support activities by the requirements of grant agreements for you: f. The ISC meets to discuss the ranking of each application in relation to other applications and to make recommendations for assistance. an application to the CRA in RMS to accept an amendment to the grant agreement.

This is also called the variation of the funding agreement. A7.1.4 Other Commonwealth resources may be used to increase CRA funding. However, the CRA will not fund the same research activities, infrastructure, or projects previously funded or currently funded by other Commonwealth funds. Full details of any financial assistance received for or as part of the research activities or project must be disclosed in the application and on an ongoing basis. a condition set out in an offer of financial assistance that regulates the use of funds made available by the CRA. 12.9. We will recover the grants and terminate the project if you fail to comply with the obligations under the grant agreement. A4.2.3 Linkage programs provide funding to management organizations to support research projects. A8.1.3 An application may be submitted only once during the same funding cycle, regardless of a derogation from the proposed research, to the above-mentioned participants and/or to the administrative organisation. However, a proposal for interconnection projects in accordance with Section D7 may be submitted more than once.

one. come from funds provided or appropriated by the Commonwealth or a government of an Australian state or territory for research purposes, or from funds previously used to stimulate public funding of research or research infrastructure; or g. . . .