If the board receives a request for descent in a timely manner supported by a majority of employees in the unit, it will order a replacement vote according to the initial certification procedures described above Instead of dealing with their employer individually, a group of workers may decide that they want a union to represent them. The Code provides for the means for this union to be recognized as the exclusive negotiator of these workers. This recognition is called certification. Does the employer or union receive information about individual employees as part of the certification process? To apply for certification, a union must be able to prove that it has at least 45 per cent of the employees in the proposed bargaining unit as a reputable member. Membership in a good reputation means that an employee has signed an application for union membership. In addition, you are prohibited from changing wages or working conditions without the written permission of the LRB for at least 12 months or until a collective agreement is reached (whichever happens earlier). In the latter case, the staff must submit an application for certification to the Management Board. Such applications may not be submitted until at least twelve months after the date of certification. This restriction provides the new union with a fair opportunity to demonstrate its ability to represent the bargaining unit. In this course, you will learn to identify the main legal principles and reflections related to administration in a trade union environment.

This includes assessing unfair labour practices and rules on unionization, collective bargaining and day-to-day operations. They will be deeply immersed in key concepts such as the fundamental concepts of the NRA, differences from other work statuses, negotiation obligations and parameters, the process of choosing representation and a legal framework for developing practical and effective solutions to the management of work problems. · The practice and history of current collective bargaining relationships; And if less than 45 per cent of the bargaining unit employees are members of the union, if the union seeks certification, the board of directors will reject the request. If the union`s evidence shows that at least 45 percent of employees are reputable members, the board of directors orders a replacement vote. Unless the vote is by mail, the replacement vote must take place within ten days of the application for certification. This short period minimizes the possibility of undue influence on the part of the employer or the union. Voting will be by secret ballot As a rule, a group of workers who wish to have union representation will apply to an established union. Workers are also free to form their own union. A trade union is defined as an organization or association of workers whose purpose is to regulate relations between workers and their employer through collective bargaining. The code requires a union to have a local or provincial character, and this may include local branches of national or international unions. .