The franchisee`s activities (including, but not limited to consumer and transaction data) are and are only heard by Franchisor for the duration and after the end or end of this agreement. Copies and/or originals of this data must be provided to Franchisor at the request of the franchisor. Franchisor hereafter granted the use of this data to franchisees at no additional cost, only for the duration of this contract and only for use by the franchisee in connection with the franchisee company under this agreement. The owner agrees to pay the deductible for the rights to own and operate this franchise site. The amount of the payment is shown in the table above and includes all deposits, rebates and taxes related to this amount. Obligations and restrictions: the franchisor does not request, but recommends that franchisees (if they are an individual) or the owner-manager (if the franchisee is a business) personally participate in the direct operation of the facility. Franchisees must maintain direct management of all aspects of the facility`s business and all equipment and other products and services it offers and direct management. Only one person who devotes his or her full time and best effort to the local day-to-day operation of the facility has completed our management training program satisfactorily and is not involved in other business efforts, other than passive investments that do not compromise the performance of his or her managerial duties. Franchisees must offer all amenities and other products and services that the franchisor regularly identifies as mandatory. Franchisees are not permitted to offer, sell, supply or distribute other equipment or products or services at the facility, on-site or elsewhere, and they must stop selling and offering amenities and other products or services that the franchisor disapproves of in writing at any time. 2) If you already operate a “Gold`s Gym Facility” under a franchise or licensing agreement that expires or expires, and you sign the standard franchise agreement to continue operating your facility under the brands, you may choose the standard Some have even questioned the level of control exercised by employers.