In summary, in comparable texts on publishing contracts, the term Umowa wydawnicza is functionally equivalent to that of a publication contract. Green NGOs are calling on the European Commission to align its reform of the Common Agricultural Policy with the ambitions set out in the EU Green Agreement. The Commission wants member states to reach an agreement. For the typical clauses of copyright transfer agreements, in the first example (1), in addition to the erroneous translation of the term “work,” translation is generally acceptable as a whole. It is quite mysterious that the translation of the term “publisher” has been translated into “Wydawcym”, which is a clear spelling error with the last “m” added to the word (it should be written by “Wydawcy”, i.e. publisher). In example (2), there are many factual errors. Yet the grammar of the sentences is correct. A very similar case is in the example (3). Husak, H. 1995. Terminologia POLTERM w zakresie polskiego prawa autorskiego. In: Lingua Legis nr.

2. Translegis Wydawnictwo. This document is a new stage in which the EU sets out its previous commitments, initially defined under the Paris Agreement negotiated in 2015 between the parties contracting to the climate convention. This agreement is expected to keep the increase in the average global temperature at a level well below 2 degrees Celsius (or even 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit optimally). The decree of 10 July 1990 of the Minister of Culture and the Arts [32] introduced the release of a standard contract. The contracts currently signed are drawn up on the basis of Article 353 of the Civil Code, taking into account the fundamental principles of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act of 4 February 1994 [38]. The core of each contract is the appropriate definition of its type, that is, the corresponding title (cf. [29, 30]). The content and entities covered by the treaty are the most important issues.

The title corresponds, in a sense, to the original and general content of the treaty as a whole and reflects it. The absence of a title (or title) can make it difficult to properly interpret the contract. There are many different topics when it comes to publication contracts, and they refer to the nature of the contract (it may be. B of a license, a contract, etc.). Normally, such a contract is called the English publication contract and Umowa Wydawnicza in Polish. From a technical point of view, the title, that is, the title of the contract, is usually presented in bold printed letters, and sometimes the logo of the publishing house is indicated next to the title of the contract in the English edition contracts and increasingly in Polish. Kaczmarek, K. 2011. Lingua Legis w aspekcie translatologicznym w`giersko-polskim i polsko-w`gierskim. In Legilinguistics, Vol.

6, ed. A. Matulewska. Zakéad Legilingwistyki UAM: Posen. In some cases, the program automatically produced good translations that the translator could accept only by making corrections to technical terminology or by changing one of the words/phrases (1) (Umowa publikujéca in Umowa wydawnicza, and praca in utwér or the formal sentence stanowi co nast-puje was translated ingo uzdniono).