Instead of juggling multiple licenses, Enterprise Agreement allows organizations to cover the needs of the entire organization with a single agreement. This simplification is extended by the fact that companies no longer have to count each device used. Instead, they can choose the licensing model based on the users. In addition, companies can have a clear picture of the long-term costs of their software and cloud services. Finally, any license changes that must be made at any time during the term of the agreement are simplified using a Microsoft Certified Partner. In addition to speaking, Directions on Microsoft provides advice to its members and publishes roadmaps and reports that track Microsoft`s licenses and technologies. He also regularly organizes bootcamp seminars on Microsoft licenses and agreements. Below is an in-depth look at Windows 10 Enterprise licensing so organizations can fully understand their Microsoft Enterprise agreement, what they can expect, and the best purchase for their needs, while breaking down the cost of Windows 10 Enterprise licenses. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is designed for organizations with at least 500 users or devices that they need to include in their Windows 10 enrollment – for public sector organizations, the minimum is reduced to 250.