World TRADE ORGANISATION World Trade Organization Founded in 1995, a supporter of the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), launched. 5th Session 1: WTO Trade Facilitation NegotiationsWhy a Needs Assessment? For developing countries: the implementation of members` implementation capacity will decide when they can implement any trade facilitation measures. The panel makes recommendations to the committee (last measure) Article 19: Moving between categories B and C Article 20: Grace period – countries waive WTO dispute settlement. Article 21: Providing assistance and assistance to TACBs. An increase in the number of classification disputes Complaints filed by importers and exporters of inefficiencies in the classification process. Trade Facilitation: Economic Benefits Dr. Carol Cosgrove-Sacks Director, Trade United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (EEC-UN) CTIED, 26 May 2005. 18th Session 1: Facilitation of WTO Negotiations Trade Facilitation Agreement Status and next steps part of the Bali Ministerial Declaration, to the “Bali Package” Preparatory Committee under the General Council: Select Chair Legal scrubbing Protocol of Amendment Receives Of Category A annexed Agreement can be accepted as July 2014 Protocol open for accepted until 31 July 2015 in force – when 2/3 members ratify.